Ideal Bookshelf in LA Times!

Cool! We’re mentioned in the LA Times

"My Ideal Bookshelf" (coming in November from Little, Brown, $24.99), a visually entrancing collection of illustrations, explores how we use books to represent us. It’s an expansion of the work of artist Jane Mount, who has been doing a series of paintings based on the essential reading lists of clients. She and writer Thessaly La Force, who interviewed all the contributors, got lists of books from writers, chefs, designers, musicians and artists.

"I think your books always tell a story about you," says La Force, a former online editor at the Paris Review studying at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. "They’re a way to touch on ideas and thoughts that aren’t your own but are essential to you. A lot of people would put books on shelves they hadn’t read or were by someone who had touched their lives."