I am a writer. I graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in May 2013. I’m working on a short story collection and novella. I was the recipient of the Meta Rosenberg Fellowship and the Friedman Prize for Excellence in Fiction. An illustrated book I made with Jane Mount was published November 2012 by Little, Brown. I used to edit a blog called The Daily at The Paris Review; before that, I worked for newyorker.com as a producer. I most recently worked as the culture editor for Vogue.com. 

But here? This is me. On Tumblr. I like Tumblr. It doesn’t feel like blogging. This place is a repository of what I find on the Internet on a given day; of things I like but can’t have; of pictures, quotes or links I’d send to a friend over chat. It’s not edited. It’s not revised. It’s not maintained. So please enjoy, but don’t judge. Thanks.